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Hello Denise,

Thank you for the good job your company did on improving my resume. Your company showed a lot of flexibility and professionalism during the process. Many times we do not take time to say thanks for a job well done and I did not want this one to get by me. Please also give my best regards to your employees who worked tirelessly on this project.

Prior to working with Denise, my resume lacked depth, and failed to portray the skills I possessed that can create value to companies I inspired to work for. Upon completing the process of editing my resume, I was thrilled to see my resume change for the better with a format and writing style that exemplifies all that I have to offer in finance positions that my prior resume failed to do.

Mark and Joanne had been attentive and helpful throughout the process. If you are beginners in the job-finding game and need ATS compliance advice, go with Mark and Joanne!

She is an expert, extremely knowledgeable at her job and has an amazing team working with her. I am pleased with the service I received from her.

Joanne and her team did an excellent job with my resume and LinkedIn profile. they were able to help me advertise my skills and accomplishments in ways I always struggled with myself. they also adjusted my format to make it more visually appealing.

Excellent work!!! This company knows what they’re doing and provided high quality results.