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All our resume packages include:

Free resume analysis

Learn how your current resume would score with ATS and recruiters

Two (2) resume versions: ATS & Visual

Having a plain version of your resume is vital for ATS, but in person, you need a little bit more.

LinkedIn profile update

We’ll provide detailed instructions so you can create a profile with keywords to get you noticed.*

*It is against LI policy for anyone to access your account.
Job search & interview tips

The resume is your sword but to slay the dragon, you need to know how to use it.

Cover letter template

A generic cover letter does more harm than good. We’ll teach you how to write one that makes you stand out.

Sample Thank You letter

The art of saying Thank You seems to be lost these days. We’ll show you the right way to help get the second interview or the job!

Inclusion in Recruiter Network database

We have built a network of over 2,000 recruiters across the country who all have FREE access to our database.

2-year $125 update guarantee

If we completed your resume but now you want to take the next step in your career, you’ll want to update your resume with the newest position and achievements so you can be “headhunted” by recruiters.

*****Please note: At this time, we only provide service to USA and Canada****

Free Resume Analysis

We’ll review your current resume and score it according to industry standards for readability and compatibility with ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). These are the standards for Human Resources offices in North America. Simply fill out the form and we will return your analysis and explain how we can help you get the job you deserve.

We will not respond to requests from outside Canada or USA.

  • Must be US or Canadian phone number.
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.

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