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Entry Level

Fewer than 5 years work experience




Over 5 years experience

Moving up in same field or industry


Career Shift

Moving from one industry or career type into another




Looking for

Sr. Director, VP, President or C-Suite position


Executive Value Integrated Package

For busy Execs, we do it all for you


Buy Now, Pay Later

We know it’s a tough economy so we have added Klarna and Affirm payment options. They will be available when you check out.

Veterans receive $50 discount on resume packages

Are you currently a student? Ask about our Student Discount.

All of our resume services include:

Free Resume Analysis

Find out how your current resume would score with ATS and Recruiters

Two (2) resume versions: ATS & Visual

Having a plain version of your resume is vital for ATS, but in person, you need a little bit more.

LinkedIn Profile Assistance

We’ll assist you in creating a profile with keywords to get you noticed.*

*It is against LI policy for anyone to access your account.

Job search & interview Tips

The resume is your sword but to slay the dragon, you need to know how to use it.

Cover & Thank You letter templates & instructions

A customized cover letter and a great thank you after the interview go a long way. We can teach you that!

Custom Banner for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is valuable real estate. Make sure the banner behind your profile picture reflects the SuperStar you are!

Inclusion in Recruiter Network Database

We have built a network of over 3,000 recruiters across the country who all have FREE access to our database.

2-year $95* update guarantee

If we completed your resume but now you want to take the next step in your career, update your resume with the newest position and achievements now.

Our Guarantee

Our services are 100% GUARANTEED

If you follow our Resume/LinkedIn advice and our job search guidelines and you don’t get interviews or interest from Recruiters within 90 days, we will refund your money.

Customized Cover Letters & Resumes (Add-on Service)

In-depth research into position listing & company

Customized resume summary and skills section

Targeted cover letter

Tips on who and how to contact

$95 per customization

Interview Preparation

How to use your resume in the interview

How to answer questions about job gaps or missing skills

Building self esteem

Body language

Mock interview

$95/hr with resume package

Career Coaching

Help with finding the right career

Recommendations on education updates

Building towards management

$95/hr with resume package