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Are you wasting valuable personal ad space?

Your LinkedIn profile is an advertisement for YOU. It should be selling what is amazing about you. There are multiple places in it where you can make a great first impression or a really bad one. In this series, we’ll talk about how and why you should give your profile a makeover.

While you may think of LinkedIn as simply another form of social media, it’s not. If you are searching for a job, it’s a VITAL tool. Recruiters pay to be able to search for candidates. It’s not like sitting a Schwab’s in Hollywood and being discovered. This is your first audition. You are advertising your skills, achievements, professional history, and the ability to go above and beyond others.


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The Headhunters are Coming!

Someone recently told me that, with the low unemployment rate, it didn’t matter how your resume looked, you’d still get a job. That seems logical, that they’ll hire any warm body to fill a vacant spot. However, it’s not exactly true. It’s not like they are hiring a ditch digger. Today’s jobs rely on tech, creativity, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Here are 8 reasons why you should update your resume and LinkedIn profile today.

The 1-page Resume is Dead

As a professional career consulting company, we hear this all the time: “I’d like my resume to look like Marissa Mayer’s.” Wouldn’t we all?

Beating the Bots

The number of resumes that do NOT make it past the big bad bots, aka Applicant Tracking Software algorithms, is rising steadily. In 2018, there were 109 of these programs in use to screen applicants  Today, according to, there are 373 products that will separate the wheat from the chaff. If you aren’t a country  girl like me, that means, they pull out the cream and the rest drains away. Anywhere up to 30% can be sweet cream that is coveted for delicious treats. In other words, 75 to 80% get rejected before a person ever sees them.

4 Things to Do Instead of Stockpiling Toilet Paper

I know, COVID-19 isn’t something to joke about. People are dying because it’s so highly contagious. But the response is insane. I was on vacation in Mexico last week and saw someone with a shopping cart full of nothing but toilet paper. There have been no cases reported in Yucatan State, but people are panic buying toilet paper! My cousin works in a large grocery chain in Canada. Their shelves were bare.

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