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Mark and his team are awesome. I was very frustrated. Not getting many hits with my resume. I utilized the services of Mark and Joanne at Analytic Advantage. They gave me a new resume from scratch, helped me update my LinkedIn Profile and gave me coaching on applying for jobs. My hits and calls increased immediately. In less than two weeks, utilizing my new resume, I landed the job I wanted. I applied on a Saturday morning using the new resume and techniques I had learned from Mark and Joanne and had a call back from the company on a Sunday afternoon wanting to schedule an interview. I cannot thank Mark and Joanne enough for their help. I would highly recommend their service to any one who is frustrated in their job search!

I recently had the pleasure of working with Joanne and her team at Analytic Advantage Career Consulting¬† I had recently earned my degree in my line of work and was looking to revamp my resume and profile. Joanne and her team did an awesome job and it was nothing short of amazing, I was more than satisfied!! They’re all so fast and very responsive. Now I’m just looking forward to what my future has to hold I would recommend her to anyone looking to make a career change. Thanks Joanne!

Analytic Advantage was very helpful restructuring my career on a resume for me. I will use them again for my next resume update.

I had the pleasure of working with Joanne and her team at Analytic Advantage Career Consulting back in April of this year after a layoff. Fortunately, I landed another job through a connection and never had to submit my resume through an application slash HR system. but I have no doubt that my experience with AACC helped me during my interview.

Joanne and her team made me focus on my accomplishments rather than my tasks. I’d read this advice plenty online, but the interview writing process required me to take the time to really think about what set me apart from other applicants. And so, when the interview came, I was ready. I knew exactly the reasons any company should want to hire me and was therefore able to properly assert myself and communicate the potential value I could bring to the new team.

I can honestly say I got good value from Analytic Advantage and have no complaints or regrets.

Joanne and her team are professionals and really helped me out when updating my resume. The service is amazing and the attention to detail is incredible. I enjoyed my experience and with an incredible resume I look forward to an amazing opportunity. Thanks again for all your help!

Excellent service and professional people. During our phone call, they explained very well the services they provided, and they went through the assessment done on my resume and what needed to be done. I am very happy with my new resume and with all the valuable information provided. I highly recommend their services.