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Would like to recommend Mark for his excellent work and care in assisting me with a new resume. He took the time and his knowledge, in assuring that everything was accurate and appealing to potential recruiters and employees. Very happy with the results!!

Denise and the whole team at Write Choice Resumes were very helpful. They went through every step of the process so I was prepared and knew exactly what I was getting for my money. The whole resume package was worth the price, and I definitely recommend using their services!

I needed help with my resume and LinkedIn profile. Denise and Write Choice Resumes were easy to work with and delivered everything they promised. I now feel more confident in my job search and recommend their services.

Joanne and her team were simply amazing and wonderful to work with. they by far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a high-quality resume.

I had the privilege to work with Joanne and her team as a client, and I am extremely happy with the end product. I was very impressed by their depth of knowledge, unquestionable professionalism and level of excellence in resume writing and career advice. as a project manager who loves teamwork, I was very happy with their collaborative approach, which led to a successful project completion and a satisfied customer. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone at any stage of their career, who is serious about taking it to the next level.

The Analytic Advantage Career Consulting  team was an absolute pleasure to work with across the board. Joanne and the rest of the team were polite, knowledgeable comma and provided outstanding service throughout the process. as a very satisfied customer, I highly recommend their services.

Joanne’s team walked me through the resume process much quicker than I expected. The result was a resume better than I hoped for and so different than my old one. I did not realize how much changes in just a few years. I thank her team for keeping abreast of the job market and guiding me.

I had the pleasure of working with Joanne and her team at Analytic Advantage Career Consulting back in April of this year after a layoff. Fortunately, I landed another job through a connection and never had to submit my resume through an application slash HR system. but I have no doubt that my experience with AACC helped me during my interview.

Joanne and her team made me focus on my accomplishments rather than my tasks. I’d read this advice plenty online, but the interview writing process required me to take the time to really think about what set me apart from other applicants. And so, when the interview came, I was ready. I knew exactly the reasons any company should want to hire me and was therefore able to properly assert myself and communicate the potential value I could bring to the new team.

I can honestly say I got good value from Analytic Advantage and have no complaints or regrets.

Excellent service and professional people. During our phone call, they explained very well the services they provided, and they went through the assessment done on my resume and what needed to be done. I am very happy with my new resume and with all the valuable information provided. I highly recommend their services.

Excellent resume writing services and job-hunting advice.