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Thank you Denise

Denise Levine and her company helped me a lot and provided me with a dream resume! As well as cover letter templates and tips on how to improve my LinkedIn profile. A very professional and quick turn-around were so appreciated. Thank you Denise

Denise, thank you to your team for turning around my resume in record time! Your team was very helpful in sifting through my experience and delivered a resume that accurately told my story. Not only did I like my new and improved resume, but the recruiter liked it as well. And he liked it so much, he invited me to be a candidate for an exciting opportunity that is perfectly suited to my skills and experience. I highly recommend Denise and her team!

Denise and her whole team were great to work with rewriting my resume to make it more specific to the entertainment industry. Fast turnaround time and very thorough. I highly recommend Denise.

I used Joanne’s services to update my resume recently. the process was easy very thoughtful. the expectations and process was explained prior to engagement and payment and were met perfectly. Joanne and others who assisted on the way were responsive and I am very happy with my new resume and updated LinkedIn profile.

Joanne and her team are great to work with in creating an effective and noticeable resume!

I was in the middle of a career change and her team offered intelligent and pertinent transformation TLE information into the direction of my resume. With their help, I was able to take previous career information and look towards new career choices that utilized my experience, training, education comma and skill set. I was a college writing and was stuck when the time came to develop and write my own resume.

They are easy and quick to communicate with and never leave you hanging with answers or details. the best part of the process was the challenge of creating goals and defining previous career experience.

I would highly recommend their services and will most likely look to them in the future with updating an more tailoring of my resume and or cover letters. As many know, there are numerous companies offering resume services with sketchy results. Joanne is an A plus! I am now in the process with second interviews and am waiting on solid offers. without a doubt my resume has stood out to recruiters and human resource department’s due to the expertise of Joanne and team.

I had the pleasure of working with the Analytic Advantage team. They were very professional, responded quickly and provided quality service throughout the process.

I can’t say enough about the awesome work Analytic Advantage did on my resume! They are thoroughly knowledgeable, highly efficient, and effective. Whether you are preparing for promotion or shifting careers, they will walk you through the process and get you on the path to success! If you’re on the fence about which company or individual to choose, trust me, Analytic Advantage is the real deal! Your resume will open doors for you and give you a boost of confidence that will propel you forward in your new career.

My experience with Joanne at Analytic Advantage Career Consulting was magnificent! She and her team were exceptionally cordial. The collaborative dimension of their services only served to underscore the value of my story being told through my resume. I highly recommend Analytic Advantage.

Joanne and her team of professionals did an excellent job creating a resume that fit the criteria I wanted in a career. The cost was reasonable, and they were fast and efficient. I highly recommend them for your next professional resume.

Joanne and her team’s engagement was fantastic. Analytic Advantage was a great help in updating my resume and LinkedIn page.