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Very thorough, straight forward, current , and efficient guidance for how to better your resume and curate your achievements. While documenting your accomplishments can be a daunting task, Joanne and Mark made it seemingly painless. Thank you so much!

Denise and her team at Write Choice Resume writing are absolutely amazing. As a military member preparing to transition to part time service in the Reserves, I had been out of the resume writing game for over 5 years. Rather than using valuable personal time to get up to speed on how to write a resume that would navigate through the complex computer systems in the job market today, I elected to hire a writing consultant. The process was very straightforward and the collaborative effort during the phases of drafting my resume’ was amazing! The most time consuming portion was the spreadsheet to fill out with my information for the writers. If you put in a good effort on this portion it makes the process easy and the writers presented me with completed, polished copies of my resume in under two weeks.

I have not used the LinkedIn tips that were included as of yet but at first glance it looks like valuable information I intend to use! Overall it’s safe to say I feel very confident and at peace with my opportunities and chance for successful hire in my job search thanks to Denise and her team! I recommend her services 100%.

Joanne and her team helped guide me along the way when I was looking to update my resume. I am very satisfied with the service they provided and the help they gave me along the way. if you Are looking for someone to help you with your resume or any other job search strategies, I highly recommend Joanne and her team.

After sorting through several recommendations for resume writers, I came across Joanne. I needed someone with the expertise to rewrite my resume after being self-employed for several years. I was impressed with the resume that she created for me, especially because there had been pains in the job market since I last searched for employment. Their knowledge about optimizing my resume for keywords is evident, I have seen a huge jump in LinkedIn profile views since they updated it for me. Thanks, Joanne and the rest of your team!

Joanne and her team are great to work with in creating an effective and noticeable resume!

I was in the middle of a career change and her team offered intelligent and pertinent transformation TLE information into the direction of my resume. With their help, I was able to take previous career information and look towards new career choices that utilized my experience, training, education comma and skill set. I was a college writing and was stuck when the time came to develop and write my own resume.

They are easy and quick to communicate with and never leave you hanging with answers or details. the best part of the process was the challenge of creating goals and defining previous career experience.

I would highly recommend their services and will most likely look to them in the future with updating an more tailoring of my resume and or cover letters. As many know, there are numerous companies offering resume services with sketchy results. Joanne is an A plus! I am now in the process with second interviews and am waiting on solid offers. without a doubt my resume has stood out to recruiters and human resource department’s due to the expertise of Joanne and team.

It was a pleasure working with Joanne and her team at AACC. they were very professional and produce excellent work. if I am, or know someone that, needs assistance with resume/job search optimization I know who to call.

I am completely satisfied with my resume and hereby strongly recommend Analytic Advantage services to anyone who is looking to get this done. They are very reliable, brilliant, and competent at doing this work. The team makes sure that you are fully carried along and when the final resume is ready, it seemed as if you wrote it. They do such an excellent job that you are so happy to tell everyone that their team is simply the best in the business.

I am so pleased with the quality work Analytic Advantage produced. Their focus is to equip and position you for success! The resume and updated LinkedIn profile they created are designed to cut through the clutter and provide the reader/search engine with the information required to push the candidate forward. I spoke with several different services before making my decision to go with Analytic Advantage Career Consulting. What made the difference was their team commitment to supporting you in your job search process. After the resume was created, they took the extra step to include: updating LinkedIn profile, advanced job search, recommendations/tips, as well as disseminating the finished resume within their network. They are committed to their customers success.

Working with Joanne and her team has been a great experience. I learned a lot about myself through this journey towards a new career transition. Now I have a resume that I can feel confident and truly demonstrate my accomplishments. Thank you, Mark, Joanne, and their wonderful team!

I secured the services of Joanne and her team at Analytic Advantage Career Consulting. The customer service and attentiveness to my wants was superb. The end result of an updated resume and their additional services, were phenomenal. I am 100% impressed and satisfied. Thank you, Analytic Advantage Career Consulting for your help!

Training, innovation, vision May 28th,

Joanne and Mark helped me develop a new resume after years of not having an up to date one. They offered advice for changing careers and worked with me when I had technical difficulties. I would recommend them to anyone seeking a quality resume with a personal touch. Thank you, Joanne and Mark for your help!

Mrs. Rosen and her team are awesome. From the proposal to the beginning of the resume creation process, they were very informative, professional, and readily available to help. The final product was worth the short wait. I’d absolutely use their services again and highly recommend them