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I became a client of Joanne Rosen when I was recently looking for a new job as an executive assistant. It had been 20 years since I had looked for a new job and my resume was quite outdated. I initially prepared my resume and filled out my profile on LinkedIn when the job search began. Needless to say, over 20 years ago it was different creating your resume, looking for a job and interviewing. I was furiously sending out my resume to different companies, but the frequency of having someone contact me with interest was minimal. I had been approached on LinkedIn by resume writers. Joanne contacted me, we set up a meeting, and I was very impressed with their approach and the knowledge they had of what a company is looking for in an applicant. They worked with me on experience, reworked my resume with my approval and updated my LinkedIn profile. All of this took around 1 to 1 1/2 weeks. Once done it was amazing how much interest I received from companies. I found a job within a couple of months and am very happy where I am currently employed. I would recommend Joanne and her firm too anyone. They listened to my needs and I listened to their advice. It made all the difference having someone that knew what companies are looking for when it comes to reviewing resumes. Thank you, Joanne!