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Denise and her team at Write Choice Resume writing are absolutely amazing. As a military member preparing to transition to part time service in the Reserves, I had been out of the resume writing game for over 5 years. Rather than using valuable personal time to get up to speed on how to write a resume that would navigate through the complex computer systems in the job market today, I elected to hire a writing consultant. The process was very straightforward and the collaborative effort during the phases of drafting my resume’ was amazing! The most time consuming portion was the spreadsheet to fill out with my information for the writers. If you put in a good effort on this portion it makes the process easy and the writers presented me with completed, polished copies of my resume in under two weeks.

I have not used the LinkedIn tips that were included as of yet but at first glance it looks like valuable information I intend to use! Overall it’s safe to say I feel very confident and at peace with my opportunities and chance for successful hire in my job search thanks to Denise and her team! I recommend her services 100%.