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With an MBA in Marketing and BBA in Advertising, Mark used that knowledge to build and grow a number of lucrative startups in Dallas before he and his wife, Joanne, started a successful boutique marketing and communications company. In all his business endeavors, as well as time spent working in Asia and the Middle East, Mark recruited and hired people.

The majority of his professional career was in the D/FW area where he established a wide network of HR, Recruiting, and Talent Acquisition contacts. He spends his time now in the Los Angeles and Denver areas to strengthen and expand his network. Travel to Mexico is a frequent part of his schedule to see his children and grandchildren (they’re so cute!) Mark’s work history and extensive network give him a unique perspective and distinct advantage on how to best communicate your skills, abilities, and accomplishments to employers across the nation.

Mark uses his diverse talents to help clients discover their marketable skills and sell themselves to potential employers. He has researched all the ATS algorithms and checks to make sure your resume conquers them. His comprehensive package of services include resumes, profile makeovers, job search and interview strategies, and a network of 1100 recruiters. Mark’s business acumen and collaborative process help clients believe in themselves, their value, and achieve their goals.