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Lego Headhunter

UPDATE: How quickly things change. This was written in March.

Someone recently told me that, with the low unemployment rate, it didn’t matter how your resume looked, you’d still get a job. That seems logical, that they’ll hire any warm body to fill a vacant spot. However, it’s not exactly true. It’s not like they are hiring a ditch digger. Today’s jobs rely on tech, creativity, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Here are 8 reasons why you should update your resume and LinkedIn profile today.

  1. Promotions. Who doesn’t want to be promoted within their own company, get a raise, maybe some extra benefits? Okay, maybe someone who really dislikes the company culture.
  2. I hate my job. Sometimes we think we found the perfect job, but it turns out that the company culture isn’t the right fit. Since you aren’t an indentured servant, why not put out some feelers?
  3. There are over 1 Million U S recruiting/HR professionals on LinkedIn. Companies will contract with multiple recruiters to fill a vacancy. That means, they are all looking for top candidates. Why not present as one of those?
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions. It’s like in the ocean. A big fish swallows a little fish after it swallows and even smaller fish. Generally, there are duplicate positions within the new company. Having your resume ready is a great way to show the new HR department why you should be the one who stays.
  5. New degree or skills. With so many universities offering online learning, large numbers of mid-career employees are finishing that Master’s degree or upgrading their tech skills. This means new opportunities.
  6. Use for networking. With all those recruiters and HR people looking for the right candidate, you may hear of an amazing opportunity at a party, at church, or in the stands at your daughter’s Little League game. It’s so much better to say, “Hey, can I send you my resume tomorrow” than next week or when I get it finished.
  7. You have the money now. A professional resume that clears ATS and gets you on the shortlist will cost money. However, why wouldn’t you invest in you? Do it before you suddenly don’t know how to make your next mortgage payment.
  8. No room for growth. It’s time to “Move On Up” in the world. A good career strategy will help you climb the ladder. To do that, you need to know your value. Working with a career consulting firm will help you see yourself in a different light by creating a value-based resume instead of one filled with your daily duties.

Here’s the kicker. I am one of the founders of a career consulting company and we write amazing resumes. I’m embarrassed that mine isn’t in great shape. It’s that old “The cobbler’s child has no shoes” syndrome. I keep meaning to but because I own the company, I put it off. However, one day, I will take my own advice.

Are you ready for the new normal? Can you transition into other roles if yours disappears?


Joanne Rosen is a co-founder of Analytic Advantage Career Consulting Group. If you’d like to find out what YOUR resume needs, check out their website: