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Your first impression matters!

Your LinkedIn profile is an advertisement for YOU. It should be selling what is amazing about you. There are multiple places in it where you can make a great first impression or a really bad one. In this series, we’ll talk about how and why you should give your profile a makeover.

While you may think of LinkedIn as simply another form of social media, it’s not. If you are searching for a job, it’s a VITAL tool. Recruiters pay to be able to search for candidates. It’s not like sitting a Schwab’s in Hollywood and being discovered. This is your first audition. You are advertising your skills, achievements, professional history, and the ability to go above and beyond others.

Let’s take it from the top. There are two key “first impression” spots there. First, a picture of you. Recruiters are 20 times more likely to look further down your profile if it has your picture. It doesn’t have to be a professional head shot. Just a picture of you, dressed for the position you want, well-groomed, and looking like you would fit the company culture. It might seem wrong that we are judged on our looks but that is part of human nature. Do 100 different pictures and find the ONE that says “Successful”. While you may think sex sells, don’t sell yourself short. Remember, these are professionals looking for other professionals.

The second space is an amazing blank billboard behind your picture. That boring blue spot with the dots and lines? That is PRIME real estate for your advertising. So, while you might think about putting a picture of you and your family, like on Facebook, or a picture of your city, or even something to do with your field, if it doesn’t advertise you it’s wasted space.

Next article will focus on your headline and that all important summary.

Mark Rosen, MBA, is co-owner of Analytic Advantage Career Consulting, where they create #ATS compliant resumes, offer tips for your #jobsearch, and help you design a LinkedIn #profile that grabs attention. Need some help with yours? Email: [email protected] We will give you a FREE analysis both your resume and LinkedIn profile to give you the edge.