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I know, COVID-19 isn’t something to joke about. People are dying because it’s so highly contagious. But the response is insane. I was on vacation in Mexico last week and saw someone with a shopping cart full of nothing but toilet paper. There have been no cases reported in Yucatan State, but people are panic buying toilet paper! My cousin works in a large grocery chain in Canada. Their shelves were bare.

I lived in Taiwan during H1N1. No one stockpiled toilet paper. In fact, no one stockpiled anything because there is no need.

Considering this is a nose and throat virus, what’s the connection to toilet paper? It’s probably the only industry in the economy right now that is thriving!

We’ve all gotten used to the low unemployment rate. However, the uncertainty of the stock market right now, along with decline in travel, could mean layoffs from downsizing.

So, what am I doing?

  1. WASHING my hands. I always have. (I’m the one humming happy birthday while doing so, although, I just read the I can recite “Space, the final frontier . . .” and it’s the same length of time.)
  2. Carrying hand sanitizer and using it to also wash down surfaces.
  3. Taking Vitamin C. This little immune booster is invaluable.
  4. Encouraging my clients to UPDATE THEIR RESUME. Having a current resume ready is better than a cart full of toilet paper.
  5. Being reasonable with ZERO panic. Considering that I’m immune compromised, I’m still living my life with those few precautions.

What can you do about it?

  1. If you feel sick, wear a mask, sneeze or cough into disposable tissues.
  2. If symptoms worsen, stay home. If you think that you are too important to job to stay home, remember that spreading your illness to multiple other people costs the company far more than you taking a couple days off.
  3. If it gets worse, go to the doctor/hospital and immediately tell them your symptoms. (While wearing a mask, of course.
  4. Be prepared as the economy takes you on a roller coaster ride. UPDATE your resume.

Let’s hope that by quarantining mass numbers of people, this virus (for which there is no immunity in anyone) will pass quickly.